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best mario short ive seen in a long time!

this is just great!! i love the opening too very epic! =) 10/10 man!

better than bigfoot!

this is awesome good job 10/10

youve really got something

the only reason im going to give you an eight out of ten is because you need o add sound or music. This is a great animation in itself and i was loving it but without music or sound it was just a little boring... You have really proven you can make an incredible film just make sure that you add sound to it next time okay mate?
-Josiah 360

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this is the best game i have played in a long time! keep up the good work! very creative and also something everyone can relate to. usually i don't like things that involve pop culture but this one is spot on! tremendous work! :D 10/10 5/5
-Josiah 360

not bad but im pissed

i like the game but what up with the way you cant make the game replay.... that got me pissed... next time ADD A REPLAY BUTTON!!!!!!!! DX

lmao! Not really but kind of

I think it's funny but nothing to get excited over... I think it could be really successful it you would make it longer...
-Josiah 360

dangerteeth responds:

Thanks. It's actually based off of huge elaborate board game me and my buddy made. We played it once and it took 4 hours. This was just supposed to be quick but I would love to add more.

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Im usually not one for crying but theres something about this song that gets me every time. I used to listen to this alot as a little kid whenever I was going through tough times. The movie was good, But the music is 10xs better. I skip to the end of it every time just to here the music. Anyways you play the piano amazingly. Best song I've heard on ng ever. ;)
-Josiah 360

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YEAH! I'd do my homework for dat! ;D


This is frickin sick! The colors and detail are absolutely breathtaking! I really love the series too!
-Josiah 360

Sham frikin wow..... this cereal is gewd!!!!!!!

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